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The JamesWeb Space Telescope
14/10/2021 1:59 AM
When I'm not busy making new and thrilling Flash content which I constantly am, I'd have to say my second greatest passion is telescopes. You can see anything through them if you look hard enough, which I assume is why NASA have chosen my humble website as the name for their new space telescope.

I'm not entirely sure how that thing is even a telescope it doesn't have a tube, but if they're sending Bobby's House into space and beaming it at Mars or whatever then who cares. Let's just hope Flash doesn't have any more massive security flaws because I assume once something's in space you can't update Flash on it.

See you in space!

JamesWeb is saved!
17/11/2020 9:14 PM
I'm sure you're aware at the end of 2020, Flash is disappearing from our lives. And as a loyal JamesWeb fan, I'm sure you've had many sleepless nights wondering what will become of your favourite JamesWeb content...

Well worry no more! I've implemented the JamesWebulator - a Flash emulator created by the good people at Ruffle to keep JamesWeb's content alive! And what's more, it can now be viewed on mobile devices too! What a concept!

"But JamesWeb looks shit on mobile devices" I hear you say - OR DOES IT?? JamesWeb's legendary 2005 table-based code has been re-written from the ground up using divs and suchlike to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile views. I can't believe it works either!

JamesWeb is a precious resource which must be protected at all cost, and with the JamesWebulator and new mobile site, the treasures are protected for years to come.

BUT DO NOTE: the JamesWebulator isn't perfect and is being updated all the time. If any content doesn't run properly, you can still switch back to the classic Flash view. FOR NOW.

28/10/2015 1:02 AM

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