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12/06/2005 9:40:55 PM
Oh, I no update for a long time... But while you're waiting, why not visit mine and Matt's latest project, the BollockPedia. It's much like the WikiPedia, but you can post complete bollocks and not get taken to court.

Visit the BollockPedia, write your own articles, and have a jolly good time.

Makosi to win Big Brother!
29/05/2005 6:26:44 PM

If she wins, she may well spit diamonds at us all!

Euro YES!
22/05/2005 4:43:36 AM
I've created a game called Euro YES! Refresh it for maximum YES!

Play Euro YES!

And if that's not enough for your brain, watch Handbags, Season 4 running now!

Watch Handbags!

The Message Board is here!
17/05/2005 9:06:04 PM
Yeah, I know how you people like to complain, and now it's time to test out how you like to anti-complain! Long story short, message board!

Now I know it's not the swanky forum you've come to know and love, but it doesn't neeeeed to be, the JamesWeb message board is kitted out for the new millennium, allowing 4, yes, 4 different HTML tags, images, and groove stations.

Visit the Message Board now! And who knows, maybe you'll be on the fast track... To a better life.

27/04/2005 6:52:18 AM

Could there BE any more new?
16/04/2005 9:23:04 AM
I must be crazy! Or at least I've got the birthday spirit in my trousers for sure, because I've made another new thing! And not just a short thing like another How To Build this time, I'm talking all out, brand. New. Bobby's House.

Watch it noow!

JamesWeb is 7!
15/04/2005 4:43:39 AM
It's true, and I almost completely forgot but this week JamesWeb celebrated it's seventh birthday. By that I mean on the 10th of April, it's been 7 years since I uploaded my first website, and while I'm quite sure there's no longer a surviving copy out there, I remember it well, bright green homepage, Duke Nukem 3D and ZZT maps... Section dedicated to Petz. Remember them games? They were classic, Nintento have just come up with something similar called Nintendogs for the DS... Looks adorable, I suggest you look it up.

Not that this was intended, but to celebrate JamesWeb's seventenial, this:
  • How To Build A Tree - The 'How To Build' series goes on relentlessly. Give it a hug for effort.
  • Jewish Dance - Matt made a Jewish man dancing, presumably celebrating JamesWeb's birthday. Like it, or lump it.
Now, I expect by now you've noticed the new feature just above. And I'm pleased to announce the first of JamesWeb's live action features is coming reletively soon, so look out for that!

As well as that, much as I am reluctant to stoop to their levels, the 'How To Build' series are the first JamesWeb productions available for Mac users to download! So, happy day there. Enjoy that, whoever you are.

A shiny new 'Latest Addition' box to the right there, and JamesWeb's birthday luvfest is complete. I hope you find is as sexifying as I do.

How To Build Things!
08/04/2005 7:44:12 AM
I've been busy with other projects recently*, but I still found time to create a couple of new gems for JamesWeb, from what I like to call the 'how to build' series. Here come the links.What do you think of these, JamesWebbers? Thing is I just happened to make both of these on Thursday night/Friday morning, and I'm thinking, maybe it could become a weekly thing?

Let me know what you think of that idea on the message board OMG wait there isn't one loLOlolOloloL!O!!!

*that's not true

Granny's Garden 2!
29/01/2005 5:35:49 AM
Remember Granny's Garden? Friggin' classic... Well, if you don't already know, here's some exciting news...


Enjoy! Also, I hear your pleads for the message board, people, I hear your pleads and share your pain, but I'm creating my own one from scratch, so you know it's going to be the best ever and worth the wait!

Watch this space, and be patient, damnit!

10/01/2005 2:19:29 AM
Joe kissed the moon, baby.

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