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Salt Scissors Paper Salt Scissors Paper Added on: October 2009
From the creators of 'Brian or Brine' and 'Lorne Stewart or Launch To It', comes a brand new interac...
Lorne Stewart or Launch To It? Lorne Stewart or Launch To It? Added on: May 2008
Following the huge success of Brian or Brine, we didn't think there could be a sequel. That is, unti...
Interactive Soul Sector Interactive Soul Sector Added on: January 2008
Following the success of the pilot episode, John Major returns with JamesWeb's first interactive gam...
Brian or Brine Brian or Brine Added on: May 2007
The premise sounds simple enough, BUT SUPRISED YOU MAY BE! Can you tell what's being said? Brian or ...
Dark Town Dark Town Added on: February 2007
There's darkness in this town... Help Leon S. Benedict escape this dark hell world, infested wit...
Relax, Man Relax, Man Added on: July 2006
When Gypsy Cat wanted to leave, Matt just wanted him to relax. This wasn't as easy as it sounded, wi...
Granny's Garden 2 Granny's Garden 2 Added on: January 2005
Almost an entire sexy, sexy 5 years after the release of the original Granny's Garden... Me and Joe ...
JamesWeb Clickoff JamesWeb Clickoff Added on: October 2001
Simple enough game, see how many times you can click in a minute, submit your score, see how good yo...
Goal Maxima Goal Maxima
The game that's so intense, it's virtually impossible. Hit the keys on the keyboard as they appear o...
Virtual Banana Virtual Banana
Not entirely sure why I keep this one on the site, it must be one of the very first interactive thin...

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