JamesWeb Advent Calendar 2005
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JamesWeb Advent Calendar 2005
Added on: 01 December 2005
Relive the highs and lows of JamesWeb's 2005 Christmas wonderbus in the form of an advent calendar. 24 nuggets of hilarity for every day leading up to Christmas, and then you're expected to go cold turkey straight after. And for those of you with no sense or magic or wonder, here's the list of what's on it:
  1. "The Search For Another Delicious Turkey Dinner - Part One" by James
  2. "Tony the Cactus" by James and Rich
  3. "Happy Birthday James!" by James
  4. "Melody Man Act 1" by Matt
  5. "Jam - A Helby Christmas Teeme" by James
  6. "Dynamic Grandma 1" by Dan
  7. "John's Excitement Game" by James
  8. "Cat-O-Blue Tribute" by Rich
  9. "Lines" by James and Rich
  10. "I'm Sharon Osbourne" by Different People!
  11. "Melody Man Act 2" by Matt
  12. "Dynamic Grandma 2" by Dan
  13. "Ear Drained" by Fenris
  14. "Jam - A Feeble Christmas Rain" by James
  15. "Riddle Pirate" by Rich and Susie
  16. "Tony the Cacti" by James and Rich
  17. "Melody Man Act 3" by Matt
  18. "Dynamic Grandma 3" by Dan
  19. "Sommet by Matt!" by Matt
  20. "Pride" by James
  21. "Christmas Dog!" by James
  22. "Lazy Can Be Productive" by Fenris (feat. MJ!)
  23. "Facegary 4" by Jym, Xanni and Semaj
  24. "The Search For Another Delicious Turkey Dinner - Conclusion" by James



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