A Cat-O-Blue Tribute
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A Cat-O-Blue Tribute
Added on: 29 July 2005
Author: Alyssa Milano, ZekeySpaceyLizard and Netninjin
Now this one certainly came as a suprise... On the same day we first uploaded Facegary 3 to NewGrounds, I get an email, telling me someone's made a tribute to Cat-O-Blue, which was also on NewGrounds... So I go and look, and it turns out it's a colaboration of three people! Which is fantastic and amazing an' all, just... A little unexpected. I'm just a small town boy with neighbourhood dreams, y'know?

It features remakes of three of the classic episodes. Alyssa Milano did Cat-O-Blue 8, ZekeySpaceyLizard remade Cat-O-Blue 5 and Netninjin Cat-O-Blue 6, each bringing their own personal styles to them.

It's fantastic, but completely bizarre for me to watch... And incidentally, it did better on Newgrounds than any Cat-O-Blue ever did.



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