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Facegary 4: J'Aime Brussles francais Facegary 4: J'Aime Brussles francais Added on: December 2005
Christmas is here in the 80s, and Facegary is feeling more festive than ever. $pain objects to becom...
JamesWeb Advent Calendar 2005 JamesWeb Advent Calendar 2005 Added on: December 2005
Relive the highs and lows of JamesWeb's 2005 Christmas wonderbus in the form of an advent calendar. ...
How To Build A Marshmallow (Guest director: Matt) How To Build A Marshmallow (Guest director: Matt) Added on: October 2005
When the How To Build series was in full swing, Matt contributed this masterpiece, and I figured I'd...
A Film About Cress A Film About Cress Added on: August 2005
So we were thinking of things to make movies about, contraversial issues that have never genuinely b...
A Cat-O-Blue Tribute A Cat-O-Blue Tribute Added on: July 2005
Now this one certainly came as a suprise... On the same day we first uploaded Facegary 3 to NewGroun...
Facegary 3: Winnipeg is an old French woman Facegary 3: Winnipeg is an old French woman Added on: July 2005
Facegary came back... But should he have?
Old'ens Old'ens Added on: July 2005
Ever wondered what goes through old people's minds when you ask them something? This, the first in a...
Around the World: China Around the World: China Added on: July 2005
Rich draws a character, then draws another character... What can they do? They go around the world, ...
Oh Max, he runs Oh Max, he runs Added on: June 2005
Max is a fat clambering bastard who never learns. When he goes for his daily run in his wheel, the r...
Bobby's House: Mobile Phone Bobby's House: Mobile Phone Added on: April 2005
Matt told me to make a new Bobby's House. So I did! This time Bobby has a new mobile phone... Can yo...

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